My water project

September 4, 2013

I did a water project………….so yeah.  We did this one thing where we put this money thingy on a bowl and water was supposed to evaporate or something, I can’t really remember. But it didn’t go well. We failed. The other thing I remember is reading some books. About water stuff. I also made a book about it, but I didn’t wanna show it to you guys cause It was just weird and I’m not a very good at writing by hand with a pen/pencil and stuff. I also did a water thing where we tried to clean water using carbon, sand and gravel. It did really well, but we left it for too long, because if it’s left too long, the dirt and grass we put into it goes down again and messes it all up. So it was a success but also a fail. lol.

These are the questions I had at the start of my project:

1. What happened to the animals when the water polluted?

2. How does the water get cleaned?

3. Did people have to drink pee?

4. How did people get water when it polluted?

PS. number 3 was funny, eh? In one point of view, it’s not so funny cuz people have to drink pee and it can make them sick.

Here are some pictures.

This is the exparement that failed.

This is the experiment that failed.

I don't know why I'm wearing a tie.

I don’t know why I’m wearing a tie.

The  water filter I made.

The water filter I made.

A duck in water

A duck in water


No you can't see the rest of my book!

No you can’t see the rest of my book!

(From Mom: Boyton worked on this project in the fall of 2012 – we did this blog post almost a year later! In future we will try to write these posts sooner so he remembers a few more of the details, since a lot more than he mentioned here happened! Despite his, uh, flippant attitude in the post, he did seem to have a good time working on the project and learning about the water cycle. “Yeah, maybe”, Boyton says, laughing, as he reads this. Now he’s cracking up laughing. Ah that child!)


2 Responses to “My water project”

  1. Dadmanfract Says:

    Nice work, Boyton. So, did people really have to drink pee? Why?

  2. boytond Says:

    I can’t remeber……….

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