Greek mythology

September 15, 2013

So…………… I did this Greek mythology project like a few months ago, and it was quite epic, I have to admit. Greek myths and history is kinda fascinating. There’s the Greek gods like Zeus, Posieden, Hades, Hermes, Artemis, Dionysus……….and stuff. It was cool. Soooo……. yeah. My favourite myth is where this person called Tantalus who I think tricked the gods and then Zeus found out, and punished Tantalus to Tartarus.(Tartarus is a place that bad people go when they have done something bad or died.) Another punishment to Tantalus was that he couldn’t set his hands on any food or drink, cause when he put his hand anywhere near it it just flew away. So, yeah, that’s my favourite myth. I did some drawing of the minor gods, like satyrs, nymphs and centaurs. And just some other stuff like harpies and major gods. The way I got interested in Greek mythology was that I read Percy Jackson, a really awesome book witch has Greek gods in it and stuff. So when Mommy and me finished the series, Mommy found a book on Greek mythology and I found out about even more of Greek mythology.


The Greek alphabet, yeah

Here are some of the pictures I drew for my Wall of Greek Mythology.







A fury

A fury

A satyr

A satyr

I wrote out some of my favourite myths. Click mythbook to read it!

And this is a story that my 2-year-old bro wrote:

It all started like this. I had just had terrible dream, but i couldn’t remember any of it right then. I opened my eyes, and found myself looking up at the sun, lying on the sidewalk.  I realized this must be the first moment of my life, because i didn’t remember anything except sitting here. I don’t even know who my name is. I sat up, and walked over to a lamp post and leaned against it, thinking. I stared at all of the buildings above me, all the people. Did i have a family? Or did i just get thrown out of a building because everybody hated me? Then a bus came by, and all of the kids on it stared at me for a minute, then screamed. What was i, a man-eating lion? I looked at myself to see what they were freaked out about, and i yelped. I was HUGE! I looked at all the other people walking around, and i was still big looking to them. Then another bus came by, but this was not a normal bus. The sides were bumpy, like a beaver had been chewing it. There were gray, orange, and red colors at the back. The driver
in the bus opened the door, and said to me, “here, buddy, come in here, you one eyed monster!” He said it in a very angry voice, like he had just been robbed a million dollers. So, well, i went in there, and i got a shock. All the kids sitting in the bus looked really huge, like me. They all had buffed up hair, and finger nails the size of banana slices. About two of the kids had a broken leg, and about four of them had scars all over there faces. I sat down, next to a kid about the size of me. He looked at me, then turned away and muttered something about the driver being stupid. Then i looked up at the wall, and i saw the name of the bus. It said CYCLOPS CAR. WILL BRING CYCLOPES TO TOWER DEMIGOD. What??? I wasn’t a CYCLOPS! Before i could stop myself, i said to the kid next to me, “what are all of these kids doing here, being brought to this bus?” He looked at me, like i was stupid. “We are going to the demigod tower. It where all cyclopes are taken! Us cylopes are the children of Posieden. Were demigods.”
“Whats a DEMIGOD?” I asked. The kid said, “It’s a kid who is a child of a god.” I was puzzled. “Whats your name?” I asked. He shrugged. “Cyclopes are not born with names. Call me what you like.” “I get to name you?” I said. “Hmmmmm… i’ll call you Lucis.” The kid stood up, and clapped his hands. “Yay! I finally have a name! I’ll call YOU Oliver!” I felt a yelp of happiness in my body. Me and Lucis were going to be great friends! But then i felt uneasy about the situation, and i asked Lucis, “You don’t look like a cyclops. How do you know that you are?” “Well, i’m big,” he said, “and if you want see my one eye, you have to look REALLY closely. Ignore the mist.” So i looked really closely at lucis, a little bit more between his eyes…. No, not EYES. ONE eye. One eye, right in the middle of his forehead. I stared at him in amazment. “You- you ARE a cyclops!” “Yup,” Lucis said. I all thought this was insane, but for some reason, i believed it. I looked out the window, and i gasped. We were going REALLY FAST.
We were brobably going 1000000 feet a minute. Then someone behind me punched me on the head, and i looked around. There was a cyclopes there, but he was brobably the biggest of them all. He said, “Here is another cyclops who doesn’t know much! Duh!” He had a very dirty and gruff voice. I was so angry, i tried to stab him in the nose, but he just bonked me in the head again, and laughed. Lucis pinched me, and wispered, “be careful around him, Oliver.” Before i could argue, the driver called from the front, “come on, pigs! Were here!” Everybody started gasping and murmering. I sat up, and walked off the bus, holding hands with Lucis.

to be continued…. someday… maybe… if you’re lucky!!!



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  1. Lisa Says:

    I love the pictures you drew, especially Cyclops and the Fury!

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